Access to Medhand Mobile Libraries App for New FY1 Trainees

Get access to the MedHand Mobile Libraries App. This gives you FREE access to a number of essential resources that you can access on your iphone, iPad or Android phone or tablet.

As a new FY1 trainee, The Wales Deanery would like to offer you a free mobile library of textbooks for use on your own smartphone. The range of medical textbooks provided will include the recent edition of the BNF & BNFC as well as several Oxford Handbooks, you will also have the ability to choose a further 3 textbooks.

The Medhand Mobile Libraries App will provide you with a cross-searchable library during your first year of working as FY1 doctor. This will give you 24 hour access to reliable medical information on your phone without the need for an internet connection.

For instructions on how to access the app please visit


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