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The aim of any healthcare system must be to continually improve quality of patient care and reduce harm, waste and variation in the system.

Quality improvement is an integral part of providing the highest level of care to our NHS Wales patients. It offers an opportunity to make our healthcare services the best we could possibly provide. Each of us working in NHS Wales is capable of improving our service. Individually, we can make small changes to practice that have the potential to make a big difference for our patients. So just imagine the impact on the experience for our patients if those leading in quality improvement, training in healthcare and working in the service all worked together. A new national quality improvement partnership between Wales Deanery and 1000 Lives is making it happen for NHS Wales.

The Wales Deanery and 1000 Lives Improvement both offer online quality improvement platforms:

• LINCymru helps identify and share quality improvement projects throughout Wales: the ‘what’ to improve

• Improving Quality Together provides learning resources to support the ‘how’ to improve.

Together they make it easy for NHS Wales medical or dental students and qualified professionals to access the best in quality improvement skills development training, resources including quality improvement projects happening throughout Wales, and mentoring and peer support to help provide a seamless and integrated educational journey; from trainee level to consultancy.

What is IQT?

Improving Quality Together (IQT) is the national quality improvement learning programme for all NHS Wales’ staff and contractors, which builds upon recognised local, national and international expertise.

The programme:

• Provides an opportunity to develop skills and gain accreditation in QI methodology;

• Provides a national system for practitioners to share a common and consistent approach to improving the quality of services;

• Provides online access to bronze level training and elements of silver level training;

• Offers local support - QI coaching/mentoring;

• Provides access to quality improvement hubs.

The content of the programme has been developed on a national level, and is being used locally by every NHS Wales organisation and incorporated into existing local development programmes.

What is LINCymru?

LINCymru stands for ‘Leadership and Improvement Network Wales.’ It is a quality improvement network for junior doctors and dentists in training throughout Wales.

The network:

• Increases awareness of quality improvement opportunities;

• Provides quality improvement training (via 1000 Lives Improvement and health board quality improvement hubs);

• Supports quality improvement projects with resources and advice;

• Facilitates collaborative, multi-site quality improvement projects;

• Encourages continuation of quality improvement projects during changeover periods;

• Develops leadership skills through leading quality improvement projects.

1000 Lives

We are the national improvement service for NHS Wales delivered by Public Health Wales. Our focus is to support the NHS to improve outcomes for people using services in Wales. We are integrated into the work of every health board and trust in Wales, supporting national and local improvement programmes to achieve sustainable, measurable improvements. Underpinning our work is the philosophy of prudent healthcare and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim of improving population health, enhancing the experience of care and reducing the cost of healthcare. A range of partners are involved in our work; universities, voluntary organisations, charities and public sector organisations including the Wales Deanery.

Improving Quality Together

Dominique Bird

Head of Capacity and Capability

1000 Lives Improvement

Website: www.iqt.wales.nhs.uk

Email: IQT@wales.nhs.uk

Tel: 029 2022 7744

Twitter: @1000LivesWales

Wales Deanery

We deliver excellent and innovative postgraduate medical and dental education for Wales with a focus on developing clinical leaders for the future. We provide nearly 3,000 training grade doctors and dentists across Wales with access to high quality postgraduate facilities and educational support so that they can achieve their career aspirations, whilst ensuring high quality care and patient safety in Wales.

We work in partnership with health boards and NHS trusts in Wales, and several quality improvement partners including 1000 Lives Improvement.


Anton Saayman

Associate Dean,

Wales Deanery

Website: www.lincymru.org

Tel: 029 2068 8026

Email: qist@cardiff.ac.uk

Twitter: @walesdeanery

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