Winning at the BEST Trainee Awards 2017: Dr Holly Morgan


Dr Holly Morgan [pictured centre] is a core medical trainee who was awarded with the Wales Deanery’s Award for ‘Overall BEST Trainee of the Year’, as well as the BEST Trainee Award in the category of ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Training Programme’. Here, Holly describes her experience of participating in the BEST Trainee Awards 2017:

“In 2015, the Wales Deanery awarded myself and a colleague with a grant to develop and launch a website for core medical trainees in Wales. Since then, and with the Deanery’s support, the project has gone from strength to strength.

“Throughout my four years working in Wales, I have been continually impressed by how enthusiastic the Wales Deanery is to work with, and to support, their trainees.

“I was delighted to find out I had been nominated for a BEST Trainee Award in December last year. The nomination was in the category of 'Outstanding Contribution to the Training Programme', and centred on my work developing the website, as well as representing the Wales Deanery at the national BMJ Careers Fair for two years running, and my involvement in the ‘Train.Work.Live’ campaign.

“The BEST Awards ceremony was held in February in the beautiful Cardiff City Hall. In the grandeur of the Assembly Room, I was surrounded by my esteemed colleagues, and felt honoured as I watched others receive recognition for their hard-earned achievements. I was absolutely delighted when I won my category, and was then completely shocked when I also won 'Overall BEST Trainee of the Year’.

“Events like the BEST Awards provide much-needed recognition for the extra-curricular work undertaken by doctors and dentists across the country. I have always believed in trainees taking a pro-active role in improving their training, but the motivation to continue to do this is sustained thanks to the approachability, kindness and support of my colleagues within the Wales Deanery.

“It is the privilege of whomever wins the ‘Overall BEST Trainee of the Year’ Award to present the following year’s winners with their awards, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what fantastic achievements my colleagues in Wales will showcase next year. See you there!”

Find out more about the BEST Trainee Awards 2017 ceremony, which took place in February 2018:

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