Launch of new SAS Charter


A new Charter which ensures Staff and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors & dentists in Wales are properly supported in the workplace & get the recognition they deserve has been launched.

Jointly developed by the Welsh Government, BMA Cymru Wales, NHS employers, and the Wales Deanery, the Charter set outs the rights & responsibilities of SAS doctors & dentists and their employers.

SAS Conference


The 14th SAS Doctors/Dentists Conference took place on 18 October 2016, in the Liberty Stadium, Swansea. It was very well attended with approximately 95 delegates and was a very successful day. The theme for the day was ‘Opportunities and Progression’.

The day provided an overview of developments in relation to support for SAS doctors/dentists in an ever-changing NHS.

NHS Wales' journey to increase capability across health service


The aim of any healthcare system must be to continually improve quality of patient care and reduce harm, waste and variation in the system.

Wales at the BMJ Careers Fair 2016


At this year's BMJ Career's Fair, 21-22 October in Islington, Wales adopted a different approach to previous years. Rather than having a fragmented approach through a number of smaller Health Board stands, we commissioned a larger single presence under the 'This is Wales - Train.Work.Live' banner. The stand was close to the main entrance and attracted a record number of around 270 interested visitors.

Dr Madhuri Kodliwadmath's experience of winning BSAS award


My experience of the BEST awards has been memorable and pleasant. I feel both honoured and humbled to have received this prestigious and important award.

The night I won the Dean's Recognition Award for services to Medical Education...


On the night of 29 March 2016 I was relaxing in the front row of the auditorium at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama quietly minding my own business. I had just been on stage to make a presentation as part of the BEST awards event and was pleased that I hadn’t tripped or given the award to the wrong person. I was now looking forward to the post-event drinks and was slightly irritated that Professor Gallen was taking so long over his final presentation. To be honest, it took a minute or two before I realised he was speaking about me.

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