Diversity Contacts

In the Wales Deanery, there are currently a number of Diversity Contacts who can point you in the direction of help and support inside and outside of the University.

Meet the Wales Deanery Diversity Contacts:

1st Floor

Zoe Dummett, Specialty Training Manager - Tel: 02920687505   dummettza2@cardiff.ac.uk

8th Floor

Celia Lloyd, CPD & QM Officer - Tel: 029206 87506      lloydc@cardiff.ac.uk

Celia is the Wales Deanery’s representative on Cardiff University’s Disability Contacts Group

9th Floor  

Jan Davidge, Academic Programmes Manager - Tel: 029206 87579      davidgej3@cardiff.ac.uk

Jan is the Wales Deanery’s representative on Cardiff University’s Equality and Diversity Contacts Group and is the student disability contact for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education.



•             To be a point of contact for any member of staff experiencing Equality &Diversity issues and to refer them to the relevant point of contact within the Deanery and University.

•             To be aware of the help available within Wales Deanery/PGMDE, College and University for those experiencing E&D issues.

•             To promote the E&D resources available within the University including staff networks and events.

•             To be involved with the production of E&D communications in Wales Deanery/PGMDE and the promotion of any initiatives.

•             To be a face of E&D within Wales Deanery/PGMDE.


*If you are interested acting as Diversity Contact for the 1st Floor, please, contact Jane Powell, powelljf@cardiff.ac.uk


Cardiff University Equality and Diversity Contacts:

For student, compliance and governance issues:

Catrin Morgan, Equality and Diversity Manager (Department of Strategic Planning and Governance) - morganca5@cardiff.ac.uk   029 20870230 

Alison Preece, Equality and Diversity Officer - preecea@cardiff.ac.uk       029 20879919

For Staff issues:

            Julie Bugden, Equality and Diversity Officer (Department of Human Resources) - bugdenja@cardiff.ac.uk 029 20879241

Follow on Twitter @CU_Equality and Yammer - Equality and Diversity

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