Equality Impact Assessment Training

Dates for the next year - 17th October 2017 10-12:30, 26th January 2018 10-12:30 and 26th April 2018 10-12:30

The EIA template and guidance can be found on the new intranet site. Please note that further guidance has been added to include information on responsibilities and signing off procedures for EIAs.   There are also a number of examples of completed EIAs.

Further dates for training have now arranged and can be booked through Core,  or you can add your name to a waiting list if these dates are not suitable.  Please note that if you have a number of staff in your School/department who need to attend the training please contact Alison/ Catrin to organise a suitable date.

Mental Health First Aid Training

An increasing number of students and staff are experiencing mental health difficulties. The number of student complaints which include mental health concerns has increased over recent years and front-line workers often feel they lack the skills and confidence to support students or colleagues appropriately.

The Mental Health First Aid course aims to improve mental health literacy and will help participants to recognise the signs and symptoms of someone with mental health problems; to respond to various mental health crises, engage with, support and signpost people to appropriate help. It is a 12-hour course and will be run over two days. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and a copy of the Mental Health First Aid (Wales) Manual, which covers the course content.

Further details about the course can be found at Mental Health First Aid (Wales) however please book through CORE.




26th and 27th October 2017


11 floor, McKenzie House

8th and 9th March 2018


11 floor, McKenzie House

3rd and 4th May 2018 09:30-16:30 11 floor, McKenzie House


Unconscious Bias Training

'Understanding Unconscious Bias' is an online module available to all staff and looks at how unconscious bias can impact many scenarios in the work place from recruitment and selection to team activities. All staff should find this module in their student list on Learning Central which you can access using your network username and password.

The module is an externally produced module from Skill Boosters and uses lots of video clips and is broken down into two modules and a test at the end. In order to fully complete the module you must pass the test. Within 48 hours of successfully completing the course, CoreHR will be updated to show that you have passed.


Staff Counselling Service

The Staff Counselling Service is now provided by Care First (this is advertised as the Employee Assistance Programme on the webpage). The webpages  will be updated imminently to reflect this change.  https://intranet.cardiff.ac.uk/staff/your-employment/health-and-wellbeing/wellbeing-and-counselling/counselling

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