Members of Committees and Panels

All members of internal Wales Deanery Committees are required to have completed E&D Training. If they are members of staff who are contracted to work 0.2, this will be in form of Cardiff University training. Non –staff members of panels should provide evidence of recent E&D training compliant with the E&D Equality Act 2010.

Other training available includes Equality and Diversity for Managers and Team Leaders and Unconscious Bias Training. Link to CU training.

The Wales Deanery Recommends that senior management and all committee and panel members undertake Unconscious Bias training.

From May 2016, Unconscious Bias training can be found as a module on Learning Central.

The Wales Deanery/PGMDE have put together an Equality and Diversity Committee.

Terms of Reference



Committee Chair

Associate Dean (PSU)

Mr Jeremy Gasson

Vice Chair

Representing Wales Deanery Management Executive

Wales Deanery Manager

Mr Chris Payne

Committee Secretary

Business Support Manager

Mrs Jane Powell

Representing Wales Deanery Quality and PGES Unit

Quality and PGES Manager

Mrs Caroline Groves

Representing Dental Practice

Business Manager (Dental)

Mrs Ceri Negrotti

Representing Primary Care

Organisational Lead - GP Specialty and Prescribed Training

Ms Mary Beech

Representing Specialty Training

Director of Postgraduate Specialty Care Training Section

Head of Specialty School


Dr Helen Baker

Mr Wyn Lewis

Representing Intrepid

Intrepid Team Manager

Mr Ian Thorburn

Representing NHS Equality Unit

Equality and Diversity Manager

Ms Lynne MacIntyre

Representing Cardiff University

Equality and Diversity Manager

Mrs Catrin Morgan

Representing Academic Taught Programmes

Academic Programmes Manager

Dr Jan Davidge

Representing Staff

Diversity Contact

Ms Celia Lloyd

Ms Zoe Dummett

Representing Trainees

Dr Louise Hughes

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