Governance framework


The Welsh Government funding agreement confirms the obligations placed on the Wales Deanery and an annual budget of £85 million.

Our strategic plan describes the direction of the Wales Deanery over a five year period. This aligns with, and contributes to, the strategic plans of NHS Wales and takes into account the requirements of our host organisation, Cardiff University.

Our business plan is produced annually and highlights the key outcomes that will be achieved from the various activities the Deanery is commissioned to deliver upon during the year.

Team plans are developed annually and describe in further detail how teams are going to contribute to the objectives outlined in the business plan and the overarching obligations outlined in the strategic plan.

The Wales Deanery has a process risk management policy and procedure which involves routine analysis and risk management by teams and quarterly evaluation of risks undertaken by a Deanery Risk Management sub group.


The Wales Deanery is committed to ensuring appropriate governance arrangements are in place across the wide range of support functions to enable delivery of high quality postgraduate education and training that supports service provision in NHS Wales, now and in the future. The Deanery has two key management groups to support governance and accountability:

Management Executive

Chaired by the Interim Postgraduate Dean and meets on a monthly basis. Membership includes:

  • Interim Deputy Deans
  • Director of postgraduate dental education
  • Deputy Director of postgraduate dental education
  • Director of GP and Revalidation
  • Strategic and Governance Advisor
  • Sub Dean and Deputy Director GP
  • Wales Deanery Manager
  • External Quality Advisor
  • Specialty Training Schools representative
  • Staff Representative
  • Chair of Deanery Business Group

The key responsibility is to advise the Postgraduate Dean on the aims and implementation of the strategic and operational business of the Deanery.

Deanery Business Group

Chaired by the Business Support Manager, the Deanery Business group meets on a monthly basis. Membership is comprised of business leads responsible for implementing and operationalising plans and overseeing daily business and activities of units/sections across the Deanery. The group also provides a forum for information sharing across teams on work / progress issues and best practice. The role of the group is to improve operational effectiveness enabling a consistent, transparent and collaborative approach to strategy, people and process.

As the Business Support Manager sits on both management groups, a mechanism is in place to facilitate information and decision making being taken to senior management level (Management Executive). Decisions and feedback are disseminated by the Business Support Manager to the Deanery Business Group. Key messages are shared with all staff following Management Executive and Deanery Business Group meetings.

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