‘Team J.A.C.K.S’: Reaching the Target


Carolyn Evans, SAS Support Officer at the Wales Deanery, tells us why she decided to take part in the Step Count Challenge and how she’s found the experience.

What do you hope to achieve from the Step Count Challenge?

To be encouraged to get more active, which should hopefully lead to me being a bit fitter.  A bit of weight loss would be a bonus!  I also enjoy a challenge, and it would be great to have more steps registered on my Fitbit App and be higher up the leader board than my friends.

Before this challenge, how active would you have considered yourself?

I’m pretty much always on the ‘go’, with three kids to run around after, but nothing quite beats being outdoors, walking and breathing in the fresh air. We have a cockapoo dog, called Benji, so I do walk him every day already, but he has certainly been happy with the extra-long walks he’s experienced since I’ve started this challenge.

What activities are you doing to achieve the number of steps?

I park the car off site when I’m in work, which provides a good walk twice a day.  I have also incorporated a lunchtime walk around Heath Park and this has made me realise it is something I should be doing even when the challenge has finished.  As mentioned above, extra-long dog walks have also helped greatly.

What are you finding difficult about reaching the steps target?

As my team members have mentioned, the fact that my job is generally very sedentary.  However, I have a Fitbit and this encourages me to leave my desk every hour if I have not managed 250 steps so far that hour.  

Why are you raising money for Cancer Research Wales?

Cancer Research Wales is extremely close to my heart, as 13 years ago my mum passed away.  She had a short illness due to cancer and, it goes without saying, the whole experience was horrific for everyone. 

It would seem more and more people are being affected by this horrible disease and it would be amazing if one day a cure was found. 

Advances in treatment are continually being made and subsequently the outcome for people affected by cancer, but I am sure there is still a long way to go. To my knowledge, advances in treatment would not be possible without the research being undertaken. 

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