BEST Trainee Awards 2017


Following the success of the 2016 Awards, Wales Deanery is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the BEST Trainee Awards 2017!

The Awards are open to trainees working in a health board in Wales on a primary or secondary care training programme in either Medicine, GP, or Dentistry at Foundation, Core, or Specialty level.

Each award winner will receive a £500 bursary and the opportunity to attend an awards ceremony in Cardiff City Hall on 22 February 2018.

The Awards reinforce our strategy to provide an exceptional Welsh Offer, and reward individual achievements and contributions across all specialties. There are eight award categories:

  1. Outstanding Contribution to the Training Programme
  2. Outstanding Contribution Outside of the Training Programme (i.e. Charity)
  3. Outstanding Contribution to Raising the Profile of their Specialty in Wales
  4. Outstanding Contribution to Leadership
  5. Research Project
  6. Medical or Dental Education
  7. Quality Improvement Project
  8. Best Foundation Trainee

Nominations are being sought from the STC Committees, and nominations are to be submitted via a Bristol Online Survey (BOS).

Where local BEST Awards have already taken place within a Specialty Training School, the School may put the winner forward for one of the categories listed. 

If the School has decided to put forward more than one trainee for each category, an internal panel will be held to evaluate the candidates, such that one nomination is put forward for each category.

Nominations will be submitted to the Awards Judging Panel for initial ranking and agreeing a final shortlist of top two scoring individuals from each category. 

The shortlisted nominees will give a presentation before the Awards Judging Panel, who will decide upon the final winners and runners up.

Guidance for nominations

The deadline for submitting nominations via BOS is 1 September 2017.

Dr Rachel Lee, winner of Outstanding Contribution to the Training Programme 2016 has written a small blog about her BEST Trainee Awards experience, which you can find here.

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