SASC Northern Ireland Conference Highlights


The Northern Ireland Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctors Committee (NISASC) held their bi-annual conference on Friday 15 September 2017. The new Chair, Dr Carole Cairns, opened the conference and delegates had the opportunity to hear from a range of speakers. 

Mr Raj Nirula, Associate Specialist & Associate Dean in Wales, spoke about career development for the SAS grade in Wales. He outlined the issues faced by SAS doctors, including isolation and a lack of opportunities, and how the Wales Deanery is addressing these issues. Mr Nirula, as the Wales Deanery representative, also gave a presentation and chaired some sessions outlining what has been achieved in Wales for the SAS Doctors network. The Wales Deanery provides leadership to facilitate education, training and career progression for SAS doctors in Wales.

Mr Nirula, an Associate Dean supported by a network of SAS tutors, takes responsibility for over 1,100 SAS doctors, representing more than 20% of the secondary care medical workforce in Wales. The SAS faculty supports professional development for career progression, Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) and secondment opportunities. Support is also provided for appraisal revalidation and developing SAS Doctors' portfolios.

The Wales Deanery has introduced BEST awards for SAS Doctors, similar to other branches for education and innovation. These awards celebrate the excellence in training offered by a vast majority of SAS Doctors in service. The awards will be launched again in October 2017.

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