Invitation to take part in the iDoc Evaluation Project

As a new FY1 trainee, The Wales Deanery and iDoc Project team would like to offer you a free mobile library of textbooks for use on your own smartphone. The range of medical texts provided will include the recent edition of the BNF as well as several Oxford Handbooks, along with the ability to choose a further 3 textbooks from a given selection.

As part of the initiative you will be granted access to the MedHand Mobile Libraries application that will provide you with a cross-searchable library during your first year of working as FY1 doctor. This will give you 24hour ready access to reliable medical information on your own phone without the need for an internet connection.  

In return, participants must complete baseline and exit questionnaires, and submit at least two case reports.  Users will also be encouraged to attend any idoc project events, and may also be approached to make a digital story or take part in a voluntary interview. 

To register your interest please complete the baseline questionnaire at:

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