Lay Representative Recruitment

The Wales Deanery is seeking competent individuals to provide Lay Representation in support of the quality management of medical and dental training programmes across Wales.

The Wales Deanery is responsible for commissioning, overseeing and monitoring the provision of education and training for approximately 2,800 doctors and dentists in postgraduate training posts in the NHS across Wales. As a Lay Representative you would be involved in this exciting work, giving impartial, external advice as to the suitability of the processes involved and assurance that the principles and standards set out by the General Medical Council are being upheld.

Our Lay Representatives are involved in the recruitment of Doctors and Dentists to training programmes and contribute to the teams responsible for assessing their progress through training. They play important roles in reviewing the quality of training programmes and in the committees responsible for strategic oversight of medical and dental training in Wales. Lay representation ensures appropriate externality and accountability during these processes and is a valuable mechanism by which the voice and opinions of service users can be heard and acknowledged during the training of healthcare professionals.

This is a voluntary role and we are unable to offer payment for services rendered. We do, of course, reimburse any travel and subsistence costs incurred whilst acting as a Lay Representative. A clinical or healthcare background is not necessary and a lay representative cannot be currently employed by the NHS.

Please contact us via  or 02920 687652 for more information and details of how to apply for the role or to receive further details.


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