Quality Roadshows Update

The “Promoting Excellence” Roadshows were run across three locations in Wales during March 2016. These were an opportunity for the Wales Deanery and General Medical Council (GMC) to promote and discuss the new GMC Standards for Medical Education and Training, promote the GMC training surveys and highlight the role of local faculty teams. The events were open to trainers, trainees and anyone else with an interest in postgraduate medical education. This was the first such GMC/Deanery collaborative approach in the UK to publicise the new training standards.

The Roadshow events took place in Cardiff on 3 March 2016, Swansea on 21 March 2016 and Rhyl on 23 March 2016 with 211 delegates attending the three events in total. The Roadshows included an overview of the new Standards for Medical Education and Training, sessions on the Trainer and Trainee voice, presentations by Local Faculty Teams and sessions on Providing a Supportive Environment. The events also provided a great networking opportunity for those in medical education and training and in addition to the presentations, AWHILES, GMC and the Wales Deanery had exhibition stands to promote their services.

The Roadshows concluded with an interactive scenario based session that encouraged delegates to read five scenarios and vote on the appropriate course of action using an audience voting system. A panel of the speakers of the day provided their views on the various scenarios to encourage audience discussion. This proved to be a very productive and popular session.

Feedback from all three events was very positive and delegates appreciated the overview of the new GMC standards for education and training. The session on the effective use of GMC/end of placement evaluation proved particularly popular with delegates commenting that ‘it was interesting to see how other specialties tackle training’ and ‘showing how to analyse the data from trainee feedback and use it to make changes’ was one of the best aspects of the event.  

This is the first year these events have run and following very positive feedback, the Deanery is likely to run similar training quality events again in the future.

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